Your Private Equity Partner

Investors With Operational Background who can Evaluate, Deploy Capital, and Grow The Business

Providing Resources for Growth

By working with companies that have proven market validation, Raisol helps businesses grow quickly while maintaining stability.  We mitigate risk for companies that are at an inflection point in growth, providing the resources for them to get to the next level by deploying a seasoned team of experts to work with you.  At Raisol, we believe that win/win outcomes can be created by making the ‘pie bigger’.

Raisol Capital is an alternative investment platform focused on deploying resources to growth stage companies with strong opportunities. After going thorough a vetting process, Raisol applies needed capital and human resources to create value for all stakeholders. We don’t take a larger piece of the pie… we make the pie bigger. This creates a risk-mitigated investment for our investors and an opportunity for our entrepreneurs to tap a seasoned executive team to help navigate the challenges of growth.

Who we are

Partner with Seasoned Business Operators

Our Primary areas of contribution include:

  • Business assessment and action planning
  • Financial assessment and action planning
  • Business & strategic development
  • Capital raise strategy and execution
  • Technology strategy assessment and implementation
  • Exit strategy and execution

What We Do

Two Investment Pathways:

1. Majority Interest Investment With Liquidity for Entrepreneur
2. Minority Interest Investment With Support For Owner/Operator To Grow

Top Invested Companies
Who we work with