About Us

Raisol Capital is an alternative investment platform with two primary mandates:

  • Identify and engage exceptional entrepreneurs with innovative concepts, products and/or business models.
  • Provide its network of Individual and Family investors’ access to fully reviewed and expertly evaluated investment opportunities that satisfy their particular investment appetite.

The expertise of the operating partners of Raisol Capital creates the flexibility to entertain and syndicate investments in a broad range of industries that include but are not limited to Technology Innovation, Education, Ed Tech initiatives, Financial Services, Healthcare, Real Estate, Life Sciences and Alternative Energy.

Raisol Capital identifies and engages with post-revenue entrepreneurs that have launched innovative business models and are at an inflection point in their growth.

As trusted peer, partner and confidant, Raisol Capital works with business leaders to provide thoughtful, expeditious and contributive support. Primary areas of contribution may include:

  • Business assessment and action planning
  • Financial assessment and action planning
  • Business & strategic development
  • Capital raise strategy and execution
  • Technology strategy assessment and implementation
  • Exit strategy and execution

Raisol Capital has a thorough due diligence process in evaluating opportunities that have significant potential for achieving high ROI for both the investors and entrepreneurs. This diligence process is holistic and assesses the business aspects of the organization and the cultural aspects that are required for it to thrive. Through this process, Raisol Capital and its partners have achieved an extremely high rate of success with multiples in returns for its investors and entrepreneurs alike.

As an integrity-based organization, the partners of Raisol Capital are aligned in their vision to find mutually beneficial opportunities for all stakeholders in a transaction, assessing the cultural and business fit in all engagements.